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Comparison of Old Vs New - Which one is for you?

on March, 16 2022

Over the years, we’ve seen a huge progression in all areas of trucks, both internally and externally. The evolution in size, shape, power and technology is really something to behold. If we were to compare a DAF truck from today to what was first on the road when DAF started back in Eindhoven in 1928, it would be almost unrecognisable.

Modern vehicles have come a long way and with the New Generation DAF fleet having the biggest cab volume ever, unmatched driver comfort and the most efficient aerodynamic design, it’s hard to deny that the changes have been anything but a move in the right direction.


So why are classic trucks still so desirable to some drivers?


One reason is that they evoke nostalgia. It’s about more than just the truck itself, it’s the emotional attachment to the truck and the wider industry. Many drivers would say that being a trucker is in their blood, something they were born to do and usually a passion that has been passed down through the generations. Sons have learned from their fathers and those fathers have learned from theirs.

Driver’s kids would often help out around the yard, washing the truck or if they were lucky enough, ride in the passenger seat during a job. It’s these little things which bring back so many happy memories from back in the day and seeing a classic truck takes you right back to those good times.


There is also a certain charm with the classic truck; due to legislative requirements something we often hear online is how all trucks nowadays look very similar, well this wasn’t the case with older vehicles, making each model and manufacturer feel more unique. The style, the colours and the designs are instantly recognisable from previous decades, and they are also becoming a rare sight as parts become harder to obtain and they are more difficult to keep on the road. Many people enjoy a good project and restoring an older truck to its former glory as it can be a very rewarding process.

Another thing drivers miss is the simplicity of the design and mechanical features, a happy pastime for many is working on their own trucks as a hobby, this isn’t the case so much today.

The advanced features of today’s trucks are worth the change, as they improve the all-round driving experience of the truck. Safety is at the forefront with brake assist, lane departure warning, emergency brake lights and city turn assist now available. As well as this they also provide a much more comfortable driving experience with the highest quality in mind every step of the way and an enormous interior space which offers ample standing height.

3. The New Generation DAF trucks 2021. XG+ (left) and XF (right)-1


So which would you choose? When we asked on social media whether given the choice old or new, the resounding answer was the New Generation of truck with a little of the classic mixed in. It seems the character and charm of a classic truck is something that will never go out of fashion, but ultimately the space, comfort and practicality of the new trucks is something that far outweighs the charm of the classic vehicles.

Take a look at some of the fantastic photos that have been sent in of your much loved classics, and let us know which is your favourite in the comments below.

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