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Stay cool this summer: Top tips for HGV Drivers

on August, 10 2022
New Generation DAF driving in summer

It’s always important to stay safe when out on the road but even more so when we are hit with extreme weather conditions. With temperatures in the summer months reaching record highs, truck drivers need to be cautious of the heat affecting not only their trucks but their health as well.

To make sure you are prepared for a summer heatwave, check out our list of top tips which will help you stay cool and avoid breaking down.


  • Keep Hydrated!

As a truck driver, it’s important for you to stay hydrated on the road in order to beat the heat. Dehydration can not only make you feel ill but also lead to lowered concentration levels.

Ensure that you drink plenty of water before you head out and that you’ve also got a good supply in your truck to have throughout the day. You can also freeze some bottles to use as ice packs, letting them defrost during your journey to keep them as cold as possible for drinking later.


  • Air conditioning

Air conditioning is your best friend during a heatwave so if you have it then make use of it. And be sure to use the external air conditioning button rather than the air recirculation as the air outside the vehicle will be cooler.

A clip on 12V or battery operated fan an alternative solutionIf you do not have air conditioning available then  is to use  or even just open the windows to get instant relief with some fresh air blasting in your face. This is important for both cooling you down and keeping you alert as the heat can make you feel very drowsy.


  • Protect Yourself from the Sun

You can be fooled in to thinking that when you are inside the truck, you’ll remain shielded from the sun’s harmful rays, but UV rays can still penetrate through a truck's windows and damage your skin, so always apply suncream and store it in your truck for top ups.


  • Dress for the heat

Where you are allowed to, ensure that you are wearing temperature-appropriate clothing like shorts and short sleeved t-shirts to help stay cool. Sunglasses and a cap are also a good idea to not only help protect you but also aid in reducing the glare from the sun when driving which can be hazardous.



  • Cooling towels and ice packs

Investing in a cooling towel can also be a very effective solution. Simply wet the towel and wrap it around your neck to keep you cool for hours. Wrapping ice in a towel also has a similar effect so try it out.


  • Keep touch points cool

Use a wet cloth to wipe down regular touch points like the steering wheel, handbrake and gear stick, particularly after the trucks been stationary. Using seat covers and blankets are also an option if you have leather seats as they tend to get hot quickly when you are in and out of your cab.

Also, where possible, when on breaks or unloading try to park in the shade and use a windshield cover to block out the sun and keep the cab as cool as possible.


The truck itself also needs some extra care and attention in the summer months so make sure you also keep a check on anything that could cause a potential breakdown such as the following:


  • Tyre Pressure

    Hot roads can lead to more tyre blowouts so always keep a regular check on your tyre pressures and ensure they are properly inflated.

    Also, did you know that heat makes the rubber in tyres break down faster during summer trucking? With this in mind, remember to check the tread depth on a regular basis too.


  • Coolant level

    It’s important to keep the engine cool so regularly check the oil is ok and before you set off make sure the coolant is topped up to avoid the risk of overheating.

  • Brakes

    Everyone knows that cold weather can negatively impact your brakes, but in fact hot weather can be just as bad for them too. They can become less effective or fail entirely so to avoid this it's important to ensure brake fluid isn't too old and that your pads are in good condition, as well as making sure you leave plenty of time to slow down when breaking.

    Hopefully some of these tips will help you survive the heatwave and if you have any of your own, let us know. Stay safe out there drivers!

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