Truck Drivers Lighting The Way

on January, 26 2022
Ironside DAF lights in the dark

As a truck driver, you take pride in your work, and that pride is expressed through how you present your truck. This may be as simple as keeping it clean and tidy with regular washing, but for many it goes way beyond that.


From colour schemes and decals to fancy gadgets and accessories, the options available to make your truck unique to you are endless. A standout livery can obviously play a big part, but by adding extras such as wheel accessories, lights, mud flaps and visors, you can really add the finishing touch.


One of the most popular ways to customise a truck is by having a great light set up. These range from simple spotlights and coloured lighting strips to full on light bars. It can really attract attention to you, both from a road safety point and in making you the envy of other truckers, so it’s a winner all round.

In our recent social media post, which requested our followers to send in photos of their truck lights, we had a great response with drivers showing off some of their amazing set ups, so we wanted to share a few of our favourites with you. With over a hundred photos sent in, it was impossible to choose the best one, but we have selected a handful that we think take some beating. Maybe one of these will inspire you to add some lights to your own truck.


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